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Close up on a bronze sand casting after machining

Our integrated machine shop promotes continual development. Latest investments demonstrate our willingness to meet with customer requirements. Our teams work 2 shifts.

SRI has just installed:

  • a new CNC milling centre with 4 axis – sizes 1740 x 760 x 660
  • a new SFM lathe capacity Ø 1500 x 3000

This installation also has 5 CNC lathes (4 with 3 axis) , 2 vertical milling centres 1300 x 740 x 760 (20 tools) and 560 x 250 (40 tools) and a conventional capacity with maximum diameter 1500 mm.

SRI can deliver fully finished and inspected products and provide customers with one supplier for both cast and fully machined products.

Our cooperation with local specialized partners also gives us a strong advantage for the following operations : painting, silvering, chromium-plating etc..


Mazak Center SFM lathe Drilling machine Milling machine Machining of a bronze sand casting