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Melting – Elaboration of the alloys


Specialising since the company formation in high strength brass, SAINT REMY INDUSTRIE also regularly produces to your requirements (CuZn19Al6, CuZn23Al4, CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 etc…).
We also specialise in the manufacturing of : Chips of various metals after machining

  • complicated aluminium bronze,
  • pure and hardening precipitation coppers,
  • bronze with high lead content,
  • high strength brass.

Another great advantage of its particular competence in alloying is the possibility to reuse the shavings of metal (swarf) left from the machining process. This ‘recovery ‘enables to reduce our production costs significantly and meet environmental objectives.



The implementation of a specific pouring process of aluminium bronze and
heterogeneous alloys (like lead bronze) leads to the manufacturing of parts with excellent homogeneity that ensures a perfect leak tightness.

We recommend a range of high hardness aluminium bronze. The main field of application remains ship construction. Thanks to its excellent anti-corrosion properties, this alloy is perfectly suited for ship building equipment.



Molten metal in the ladle

A large choice of melting furnaces guarantees a very extensive range of copper alloys with high mechanical properties thanks to carefully studied composition margins.



Precipitation hardening coppers CuNi2 and CuNi2Si are developed in order to replace copper cobalt beryllium (which is too dangerous).
These alloys are used for their mechanical properties and are better suited than CuCr1 in the electrical connection field.

CuCr1 remains the undeniable leader of the alloys dedicated to conducting electrical energy. With a suitable heat treatment, this copper chromium alloy mixes great mechanical properties and enables assembly and disassembly of threaded fasteners together with an excellent IACS.


Ladle with liquid metal Raw material