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Staff and quality

For many years, SRI has implemented a Quality System and was certified ISO 9001 (2015 version) by SGS-TÜV. SRI has developed its own manufacturing in areas where sand casting was an unrecognized process.
This is the case for electrical connections for transformers, circuit breakers and isolating breakers…
This quality system has also allowed to be appreciated. Quality control

Management commitment:
In a constantly changing world every person is involved in a quality commitment guaranteeing SRI has continuity and continuous development..

All our resources are commited to carry out all the assignments required by our customers. This gives confidence and also supports our quality policy, helping us to progress and remain a leader in the market.

The various departments liaise during all the different stages of planning and production, guaranteeing the final results expected by our customers. For example :

  • Requirements and expectations are clearly identified by our Sales & all others departments during the contract review. This ensures that the demands associated with the product are clearly understood by everyone.
  • Manufacturing and inspection Departments ensure that a product meets compliance with its requirements by optimising materials and human resources.

In order to formalize and go forward with this policy, the SRI Directors set up and made compulsory material & human means described in the Quality Manual and attached procedures.

Quality indicators resulting from inspection & resulting data of in-house audits, enable measurement of production tool achievements, manufacturing methods and also the set up of the quality system. So it is essential that these indicators can be reached by everyone who is in charge of improving performance.

Improving the performance and inspection of in-house equipments requires regular training for operators in relation to the technical aspects of each work station. We can continually improve our quality levels if all our employees are trained and informed in line with our goals.

To ensure a day to day application of the Quality Manual objectives, our Quality Manager is required by our Directors to take all necessary corrective and preventive actions. To achieve this, he relies on customer’s feedback together with internal weekly meetings and audit reports.

SRI Directors takes regularly care about definition and supervision of the objectives during the management review in which the accuracy of the quality policy is verified and defined again to ensure permanent improvement.


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