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Molten metal during the manufacture of a sand casting runnerMelting of metal is fully carried out thanks to:

  • 8 induction furnaces medium frequency (4 x 750 kg ; 2 x 140 kg ; 2 x 100 kg)
  • 2 natural gas furnaces (2 x 900 kg)

Our production is around 150 tons melted per month.

Metal inspection:
Metal is selected, weighted, analyzed and controlled at the different stages of elaboration in order to check the compliance with the requested specifications or applied standards.
Regular checks are performed by our melting to ensure spectro metrical samples, temperature evaluation and degassing. It guarantees a respect of technical instructions together with alloys conformity.

Samples of various meltings are stored physically for 6 months and archived for 10 years on paper.

We can also manufacture, using our customers data, to enable ‘research’ for their particular applications. Today, our range of alloys amounts to approximates 200.


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